The rebate definition of commercial value


I [note] the rebate network operators in the world, is essentially a shopping guide mode. A simple point of view, is to give businesses rebate website advertising as a portion of profits to consumers, and calling them "rebate", make the difference. In the beginning of the rebate website debut, considerable profit, with low barriers to entry, resulting in a road expansion force rebate.



world network operators Xu Lu

CPS is the specific rebate website (according to the sales results into a fine pattern), the website can be understood as a commodity search navigation, rebate website to obtain business cooperation rebates through the consumption records of the members, then part of the rebate left as part of the company’s profit, return to the consumer." Analysys International Senior Analyst Chen Tao this interpretation.

2004, China rebate mode to enter the electricity market, and in foreign countries, the history of the development of the rebate to goes forward in recent 15 years. In 2004, Tesco network was established, initially to provide shopping information based shopping community of users, after gradually transformed into a cash rebate mode. In 2006, 51 rebate network (later renamed the rebate network) was established based on the B2C users with direct cash rebate. In addition, there are more than 51 shells, QQ shopping network, network, network, when the show returned, 360 balls PC rebate, rebate, reducing the net purchase of Tesco every day and people shopping network and dozens of large and small rebate website.



cash rebate shopping categoryIn early

, the basic rebate site can be regarded as an off: many Taobao help Taobao business promotion, then give businesses Taobao customers with a certain percentage; but unlike other Taobao customers, the Taobao customer rebate website income return to consumers to help consumers save money.

is the first rebate debut, return cash to consumers in the form of eye, and then draw in the form of cash flow, and directly linked to the interests of reach.

back in time to the second half of 2010, all the rebate site fast, as long as consumers through online shopping rebate website login link, complete the shopping, you can get the rebate website of the Commission, then efforts are now back in the 3% to 20% range. Driven by the interests of the rebate industry once spawned variants in various forms, and in the eyes of the outside world is demonized as MLM ".

2012, Zhejiang and Fujian have heard a series of events to be investigated or collapse of the rebate website. Among them, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and under the "million shopping" rebate site suspected pyramid was investigated.

MLM rebate site crash incident was widely reported in the media, produced in this industry is very tremendous negative impact. The most intuitive effect comes from the number of newly registered users. A lot of rebate website for new users and traffic is a serious decline. To distinguish between formal and class MLM rebate website rebate website > from the business logic

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