CNNC Li Changjiang complementary development of micro blog and news websites


news September 25th according to CNNIC released "the thirtieth China Internet development report" shows that as of the end of June 2012, China’s micro-blog users reached 274 million, growth of 9.5% compared to the end of 2011, Internet users use rate of 50.9%, an increase of 2.2 percentage points over the end of 2011.

micro-blog user scale has entered a period of steady growth. More than half of Internet usage, entered a stable period, said micro-blog has become very mainstream applications, has become an important channel for users to get information, so whether it will replace the traditional mainstream access to information –

news website?

subscriber growth tends to be consistent

Li Changjiang from three aspects of micro-blog and news website user growth and relationship were analyzed. The results show that the two sides tend to be consistent in user growth. There is no mutual squeezing phenomenon.

first, both users are growing. According to China’s Internet data platform shows that since 2012, the monthly news website, micro-blog’s number of users are growing, relatively speaking, the younger micro-blog growth faster.


figure 12012 annual news sites and the total number of micro-blog coverage (million)

second, the coincidence of the two users are also growing. In Sina News and Sina micro-blog as an example, according to the Internet platform, China data since 2012, every month Sina News and Sina micro-blog users coincidence degree generally kept rising, increasing from 23% in January to a peak of 31% in July 26%.


figure 22012 months of Sina News and Sina users coincidence degree

third, both of the changes in the length of the visit consistent. According to Chinese Internet data platform, every month of 2012, users access to news sites and micro-blog long although there are ups and downs, but the variation trend is consistent, does not exist which application of extrusion another application of long visit situation.


figure 32012 annual news website and micro-blog’s per capita one-day visit time (hours: Minutes: seconds)

both sides can complement the development of

however, whether micro-blog and news websites who have an advantage? Li Changjiang analysts believe that both sides have their own characteristics, it is difficult to jump to conclusions.

first of all, from the news, the news site for the selection of hot news events, showing the form, the level of detail is still unmatched on the news of micro-blog. In the event of heat and cold, news site selection of hot events by experienced professionals >

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