Hc360 com Guo Jiang boasted of herbs wildfire burning dead wind again


news December 20th, HC CEO Guo Jiang December 17th visit to the 5G vernacular, and friends together to share the road of electronic commerce, prospect of the future development of electronic commerce B2B. Guo Jiang boasted as herb burn dead HC. The consumer is expected by virtue of e-commerce, B2B e-commerce to regain the position of industry leader.

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anchor: first please introduce Guo Zong hc.

Guo Jiang: I am very happy to be able to communicate with my friends on the weekend. The 18 year old, all of it may have some strange, it is mainly related to the industry. If the Alibaba does not have Taobao, Alipay, like not being heard familiar details.


was founded in 1992, mainly engaged in the earliest quoted price, my uncle Guo Fansheng was known as "the father of classified ads". In December 17, 2003, HC international to "cross media service provider status successfully listed in Hongkong. HC by classified ads started, strictly speaking, HC is not fully B2B properties and B2C.

after the listing, the experienced a painful process. The 2005 sold two non search ads on TV and profitable business, began to enter into the internet. HC as a Internet Co, in fact, only five years.

now, its mainly includes three subsidiaries: HC industrial e-commerce company, the consumer e-commerce company, HC our research institute. The business of consumer electronics is a consumer of B2B e-commerce company HC 2006, IT, Home Furnishing peeling appliances, clothing, gifts etc. set up.

anchor: how to look at the competition between HC and Alibaba


Guo Jiang: in the industrial field, I am confident that Alibaba is not HC rivals, but the market is still relatively small. HC in the industrial area has been relatively stable, but also to ensure profits. At present, B2B is mainly through the telephone sales enterprise money, in the absence of the Alibaba before Chinese B2B boss can be said to be the HC and global resources.

The second company

HC to do the main consumer electronic commerce. The company’s business model, architecture is learning Alibaba, of course, there are differences in the local. The hope in the consumer goods industry to compete with Alibaba.

, however, China’s B2B is still a lack of competition in the industry, the market is large enough. Alibaba and Jingdong as HC mall and dangdang.com, not "fight at outrance" relationship. B2B industry, there are a number of 8-10 composed of companies, specifically to do a certain area, a year can revenue 200-300. China’s B2B market is still changing, customer demand is changing. Alibaba may not long-term monopoly of the market, there is still a chance the bright younger generation.

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