Ali PO first ticket fraud employee was fired hammer


October 18th news, the latest learned billion state power network, the day before the occurrence of the hammer mobile phone sale data fraud, Alibaba official at noon today in internal communications give the answer: Hammer mobile phone in the original data of Tmall Electric City pre-sale system is indeed artificially changed.

in view of this, the Alibaba issued after the listing within the debut ticket, dismissal of illegal workers, and give Tmall CEO Qiao Feng, head of Tmall HR Philippines blue to be a demerit.

Ali said in a briefing, hammer mobile phone incident investigation concluded that hammer phone in our platform to show the appointment of data, is artificially altered, not the original data inside the system."

hammer phone Tmall was suspected of selling fake data users

Ali said, although the number of reservations does not affect the authenticity of the final transaction data, but we have only one principle, that is, what is the system data, we show what. With the appointment to form hunger marketing to exaggerate the effect, we oppose this wise real mistake."

it is reported that this event in the background, the hammer mobile phone before the scheduled on-line Tmall activities, but users find it open a predetermined number of "false", is about 3 times the number of true reservation. In this regard, Tmall Electric City admitted that due to the engineer unscientific decision on the platform of the sale of the hammer T1 phone reservation number was done by multiplying three processing.


, Alibaba’s new internal report clearly pointed out that Tmall Electric City related personnel seeking to expand the new category when the first appointment number, booking number requirements and technical personnel adjustment function, thus exaggerating the hammer in the sale of mobile phone data displayed in front.

learned billion state power network, Alibaba said in the report, a mobile phone communication category official and a computer & office responsible for this serious violation of the provisions of the Alibaba "business conduct", the management of the company and HR decided to give the dismissal.

Found in internal communications

billion state power network said Ali, Tmall Electric City head open as a manager, failed to transfer the correct information in the team, in the daily management of new products also failed to make an appointment first number generation process, the results are concerned, the team failed to find in the artificial adjustment of the new starting number of reservation, there negligence in the performance of management supervision function, the serious violations of the provisions of the "Alibaba" group of business conduct, given a demerit and demotion.

also pointed out that the Alibaba, Tmall President Qiao Feng, head of Tmall HR Philippines blue as Tmall executives also assume management responsibility, given a demerit.

According to

billion state power network to understand, this "ticket" is a Alibaba since IPO first internal punishment, and punishment of employees involved in the high level of hitherto unknown.

data show that after Ali >

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