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called PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), is an embedded HTML language, a server-side implementation of the HTML document embedded scripting language, the language style is similar to the C language, is widely used. At present, the head of the grassroots queue becomes larger and larger, the pursuit of hunger and thirst for resources. Today, IDC review network and we compiled 10 PHP open source blog.

1 LifeType

LifeType is a Blog platform based on open source license, which supports multiple users and multiple Blog in the same setup, which is a lightweight multi-user multi Blog platform. Through the WYSIWYG editor, can be arranged neatly beautiful pictures, sound and video articles.

2 WordPress

WordPress is a PHP language development using the blog platform, users can set up your own blog in support of PHP and MySQL database server. WordPress can also be used as a content management system (CMS) to use..

3 b2evolution

b2evolution is a PHP+MySQL development, mature, excellent Blog engine. It contains all the features of a Blog tool.

4 F2blog

F2blog is a PHP based, MySQL database support for a single user blog (Web log) program. XHTML+CSS+div layout template structure, changeable, gorgeous template can make blog different.

5 Textpattern

Textpattern developed by the famous author of the grammar Textile Dean Allen, can be said to be the oldest blog system. Is a concise and beautiful Blog theme engine, simple and elegant, have personalized space. Built in Textile writing grammar, so the author does not need to understand the HTML tag syntax can easily write.

6 bBlog

bBlog is based on the PHP Smarty template technology as the main direction of the application of open source blog program, and WordPress and other similar PHP+MySQL blog software. BBlog claims content and performance separation. It is fast and easy to install. Blog theme can be controlled. Easy customization through Smarty templates.


JBLOG is based on PHP+MySQL

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