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the morning of February 29th, the concern of the Baidu IM "Baidu Hi beta" leaked, but currently leaked version is also unable to log on, from the Baidu Inc internal news, Baidu Hi also officially started today. According to reports, Baidu Hi has all the common features of the IM tools, and Baidu and other products have more integration.

Baidu IM tool Baidu Hi main window

the following content is tested using Baidu Inc employees experience:

1, Baidu Hi main interface and dialog box design is very simple, the color is also very fresh, no extra buttons, no pop-up ads, no…… And there are many sets of beautiful skin optional. It is understood that Baidu will also provide specialized skin download page.

2, Baidu Hi is the use of passport ID, rather than QQ that kind of number, directly with Baidu ID can log on. You can also choose to contact the mailbox, with Baidu account login, you can immediately contact with the space friends, see its latest update.

3, Baidu Hi supports up to 1000 friends, this number is very large, should no longer shouting "buddy up".

4, a first-hand experience of Baidu Hi video and voice chat feature, the effect is quite satisfactory experience: the screen is very smooth, and the sound quality is also good.

5, you can set up a group, you can chat, you can send large files, and also supports the".

6, and you can stick, know, space to contact friends.

7, Baidu Hi panel combined with Baidu search, support for web search, image search, MP3 search, etc., you can use the search box on the search panel Baidu search function, very convenient.

8, Baidu Hi also has a strong "friends" function, which is connected with the Baidu large community of users, users can not only see the like-minded friends, if the other side opened space, but also more intuitive understanding and familiar with each other.

The name of Baidu IM:Baidu

software Hi software version V1.0 Beta1 software author Baidu Admin5 driver Admin5 driver | high-speed download speed download

just above the literal point of view, Baidu Hi in addition to the general features of the mainstream IM tools, such as support for the number of friends, no ads, close friends ranking and other features is very attractive. In addition, Baidu Hi and other products on Baidu to get through on the foot of the Kung Fu, especially the highly integrated search function, not only to bring pressure on Tencent, Google is also a small threat.

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