Hundreds of websites signed the Declaration on the construction of good faith nternet


December 5th, the Eighth China Internet Media Forum opened in Chongqing. To participate in this forum, people’s daily, Xinhua, China network, China Economic Net, international online, China Daily website and other central level website, as well as the representative of the commercial web site Sohu network and other well-known network media. In the eighth online media forum, representatives of the country’s more than a hundred sites signed the Declaration on the construction of the internet.

declaration reads as follows:

construction of the integrity of the Internet declaration

2008, the development of China’s Internet industry by leaps and bounds, the network media in a series of major events, important activities, played a huge role in guiding public opinion. The greater the influence of the Internet, the greater the social responsibility. Today, we gather in Chongqing to discuss how to implement the network media, Scientific Outlook on Development Internet, integrity of the building.

due to the massive, read Internet information interactive, released the convenience and the establishment of the website features simple, lack of experience and construction personnel, the authority and credibility of the Internet is very urgent. The influence of the network media is unprecedented, which calls for the scientific development, calls for the industry standard, and calls for the online credit. Today, the integrity of the Internet is more urgent than ever, more necessary.

we participated in the 2008 online media Forum Network Media and Internet practitioners, reached the following consensus:

first, the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, and will be implemented in the network side. Vigorously promote the construction of online content, promote the scientific truth, spread advanced culture, promote the concept of harmony, create a beautiful soul, promote social justice.

two, like cherish life, cherish the authenticity of the news. Reprint news should carefully verify the news sources, not publish hearsay news, we not taken out of context to reprint news, not malicious speculation news. Strengthen the review, editing, processing and control of the news, establish a long-term mechanism to prevent false news.

three, through the joint efforts of all parties, the laws and regulations, public supervision and self-discipline of the industry together to establish and improve the integrity of the network system, the formation of good faith, good faith and honor. For the vision of the mainstream network media, must be based on integrity, and thus the pursuit of authority and credibility.

four, emerging Internet technology, new business standard management. To blog and podcast as the representative of the Web2.0 platform has become more and more popular, the network media has the responsibility to stop on these platforms, spreading rumors, false information, publish irresponsible remarks, to maximize the maintenance of social and public interests. With the development of broadband and the popularity of wireless access, we must effectively build these new media forms, the use of good, good management.

five, strengthen services and guidance, to provide users with a wealth of cultural information content to meet their growing cultural needs. For the rapid development of the Internet business services in the field of reality, and actively cultivate a healthy network of consumer habits, cited

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