WeChat public platform quick start tutorial Part6 public meeting account



some friends in the registration of the WeChat public platform to find the type of public places where you can choose to account, this section we talk about the public meeting accounts. When you select the public account of the meeting, there will be found the scarlet letter remind "is a certain time limit, meeting the public accounts, will not be able to use expired after landing". However, according to the user when the meeting reflects the account expires, the system will automatically switch back to the general platform account, so you can continue to use, this remains to be confirmed.


registration is completed, the first will enter the page below, we can see the account valid for one month. The following are concerned about permissions and data settings.


attention authority: here is a bit like QQ plus friends permissions, you can set up to anyone directly concerned about your account, or need to be verified in order to focus on. If you set the need to focus on verification, attention to the conference when the user account, we in the background of the user management -> on request waiting for the audit inside to see user information, you can accept or ignore.


data set: This is a very interesting feature is the biggest characteristic of this meeting account, set up can make all the meeting inside the account information, friend view each other with friends and send messages to each other. We see the following cell phone screenshot participants in the link, click enter to view all participants information.


conference account is very suitable for large-scale on-site training, to facilitate students to understand the training site, training syllabus and exchange between students. There is the annual dealer meeting or large enterprises, such as the use of the exhibition. Liu Zijun’s official opening of the WeChat public platform, you can search directly on WeChat: Liu Zijun, and I exchange experience in the operation of the public platform WeChat experience.

article author: Liu Zijun

address: http://s.iam.liuzijun.com/weixin06

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