How much money did you earn


Read "Zhao Fujun: the blog marketing will eventually become a butterfly? There is a sense of who is the ultimate winner of blog marketing? And beauty blog in the end how much money? It is worth discussing.

mentioned three play advertising object in the news, a "AFU" is a "advertisers, advertising operators," is a "beauty" blog advertising distributor. According to the provisions of the relevant provisions of the advertising law, advertising operators are commissioned to provide advertising design, production, agency services, legal persons, other economic organizations or individuals. Blog network and beauty blog is also the "AFU" advertising distributors, blog network is the marketing media, and beauty blog is the main marketing, but marketing must rely on marketing organizations to create their own value. So how to create value beauty blog?

is advertising target is the grass-roots owners in aromatherapy beauty blogs, well-known brand "AFU" company for 500 female blog free monthly 200 yuan of products, the female bloggers write AFU after feeling in the log, then attracted many bloggers with the same concept of visitors advertising in all the beauty on the blog, point out to buy discount coupons, so that through the blog media won a certain purchasing power. is the first "eat crab", blog marketing will eventually become a butterfly? This also has to be proved by practice and time, how to make the legal process of marketing process, how to create the value of marketing, these are urgent to solve. Beauty blog in the marketing process to make much money, which will affect the future development trend of blog profit. Beauty blog earn t

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