The end of 11 11 Taobao store on holiday promotion


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this year is the end of the world, so this year the day is the end of 11.11, about the end to the point. How to talk during the singles day to promote their Taobao stores, 11.11 shopping carnival, to tell the truth and this shopping really doesn’t matter much, but businesses are using love during the festival hype, and then make a fortune. Taobao owners, are you ready to the author of a friend of the Taobao store, for example, she is selling women’s cosmetics, analysis of how to do a good job of 11.11 holiday promotions.

first: activity target population analysis


is the day, the natural target groups is the single people, whether male or female, of course, the Taobao is selling women’s cosmetics, so only for single women. Single women this range is too wide, need to be broken down, such as: the professional characteristics of these single women, I like the majority of female white-collar workers. Then the activities of the target population identified as female white-collar crowd, and these single female white-collar crowd has a lot of work in the office, the face of the computer screen for a long time, radiation is inevitable. So this part of the population should be aware of this point, the need to resist some of the computer radiation skin care products. So we can tap into the specific needs of the target population!

second: the theme of the campaign should be clear

each activity will have a distinct theme, this is very important, the theme to be innovative, need more innovation, to be able to attract the attention of others, the most important thing is to attract the eyes of the target population. Day what kinds of law? First, own a person, for a second, specific, third, a group of people. Imagine those single women also hope that the day is about developing a theme, according to the urgent needs of the target population, to the Taobao cosmetics store as an example. Can think of such a theme: "the end of 11.11: Taobao XX shop, captured the hearts of single rich handsome, is to attract the eye, one can have the connotation of the slogan.

third: Mining target population consumption psychology

this part of the city is relatively small single white-collar consumption level is relatively high, at least in my opinion a little luxury. The price of cosmetics cheap dozens of points to hundreds, or even thousands, so more suitable for this part of the consumer population. This part of the crowd mostly like to use credit cards, like the consumer. In other words, this part of the population is relatively strong material needs, rich handsome or successful people are more suitable for them, I also talk about some of their own views from a realistic point of view. Just to see a more funny alternative Taobao store promotion, this effect is also good, as follows:


is also the use of the psychological characteristics of the customer curiosity, count on the hype, but in a humorous way to express, often can deepen the impression of the user, it will not make people feel bored. Taobao shop also need to promote

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