Baidu for promotion has become chicken ribs



did not say much, just boring to talk about his own views, so that their writing and analytical skills rusty, why Baidu for promotion has become chicken ribs?

, over exploitation of potential customers. As long as it is to do the site of the manufacturers, merchants, operators have been Baidu marketing staff telemarketing, and gradually become harassment. It can be said that there is no intention to do Baidu bidding customers. Recently, Baidu Guangzhou branch employees apply for labor arbitration event, can be seen as a result of customer development speed greatly reduced, the management of employees to the pressure caused by the direct consequences.

two, the development of the Ministry of staff website quality greatly reduced. This is not to say, think about the good resources have been hollowed out early, now what quality resources can be developed, and the development department is responsible for the development, the unreasonable demands of customers of all enterprises do not promise down before the auction, such as a hit 0.3 yuan, a monthly consumption of not more than * * yuan… And so unrealistic things, to the late, the customer will feel: fooled.

three, maintenance department is also blindly improve customer account consumption. The first is to add numerous related keywords to users, and these long tail word was the search less people, so Baidu according to their pricing rules, these words pricing is very high. The second is "accidentally" to the user and intelligent matching words, resulting in consumption there went up, I tried to believe they due to excessive maintenance personnel, less than a week on the consumption of 4000, as I do Baidu for many years of experience, the 4000 yuan can maintain a month the.

four, peer malicious clicks continue to rise. Because Baidu bidding system on the same rule, if I IP the same machine at a distance to search for a word and then click on the 15 minutes, according to a click calculation, peers can take you idle boring thing, if Baidu told you evil can return, but that is only a part one, a friend’s account was to 400 yuan in 4 days, the results returned to more than and 100 (and I said I can’t judge what is evil).

five, the company continued to adjust the minimum price. Before 0.3 yuan has already become yesterday, 09 years to start 3 consecutive increases in the minimum price, some of the words I am familiar with, from 0.3-0.5 yuan to 0.99 yuan, and now up to 1.99-2.01 yuan, according to the profit of the products and Baidu’s conversion rate, the word has let us do in the red.

six, Baidu overconfidently phoenix nest system becomes disappointing Qi type, this system is inherently flawed and acquired blindness, so that it may become Baidu’s chicken ribs, congenital deficiency is the right side of search results have been very few people to click on the day after tomorrow, is the lack of "nest" and the price is higher than the price of the classic version, some words from the beginning of 2.21 yuan, and now also appeared gradually rise in the price trend, the majority of 2.51>

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