want to talk about the publicity strategy of local friends station


local dating station is how popular, I do not know, only know that I have followed suit, but this is purely for fun, to expand their influence in the local, huh, huh, huh, huh.

I have nothing to do is webmaster, a Hunan Shaoyang dating ccy99.com, a friend to the program every day and many webmaster friends to chat, I found that many owners are caught in a vicious circle, in order to promote their own websites, blindly go online publicity posts to see don’t experience promotion, go to a lot of the same article copy paste into your own site. Webmasters always feel tired, do stand for a long time, IP still does not go up, you always need to keep repeating the same work, in order to maintain those little traffic. Excuse me, is this worth?

I also do three years of time, two years ago, I also walked from the bustling about hard stage, day and night to other sites to copy the contents of paste into your own website, but two years down, tired tired or in addition to, the site is still no major improvement. The revenue is less and less to enter after 2008, I give myself, calm for 2 months, think carefully about their website development, I study the website development process, Sohu, Alibaba, Baidu, and other large campus network, website, promotion business early, rarely go through the network propaganda, summed up their propaganda way, about the following methods:

1, offline activities publicity

2, 2008 (publicity for local businesses and enterprises to pull business)

3, telephone promotion (directly to their potential customers to call to recommend their own website). Enough to do these activities, the popularity of nature has slowly come up, the customer also came to the door. However, there must be a prerequisite, the site needs to be good, there is the content of the user to stay. Garbage site is not good.

to directly post the website promotion, website is a small way, have you ever seen a big website every day to post their own propaganda, unless the investment do a lot of online advertising, only in accordance with the station own post, can really give your website to bring the loyalty of users is very difficult, the information on the Internet too much, no people will care about you. People have a problem, he found a friend or a good site will be repeated to see.


do a local portal, do local activities and publicity, especially the street is very important, the whole city all know you, you are really a portal, local potential customers even if does not have on your website, but he knows your website, his friends know your station. He is willing to pay to advertise on your station, maybe your traffic is few, this is well-known.

if a national website, in addition to the local telephone publicity, publicity is very important, directly to their site of potential customers publicity, call them to your website advertising, if not sold, at least he knew your station. You can put all the potential customers in the country

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