SEO is a soft knife promotion network


into the SEO of the industry for some time, so it is a little experience, heard a lot of friends in this industry complained that the work is too boring, too boring, little love song here to tell you some ways to let everyone happy work, the work is a funny thing this is to write the soft. The soft can not only achieve the purpose of promotion, can practice their writing skills, Why not?


some people to know what is not soft, soft, soft? Because it is called soft, soft, relative to the rigid ads, more easily accepted by people watching at the same time, learning new knowledge, have reached the purpose of the network promotion, so, this is a way a win-win situation, as long as the master of this method for SEO practitioners, can be regarded as a website to promote their own knife, benefited in every way.

below to introduce some soft writing methods.

a, soft Wen Title

as the saying goes, a good beginning is half the success, this sentence is applied when writing the text, it can be said that a good headline writing, on behalf of the soft half success, because of a high quality title, can play a role in attracting people. All have this experience, a good article, there must be a catchy title, in order to arouse people’s interest in reading, this is like a person’s heart is very good, good character, but a long ugly, the first impression is not good, so, and few people will face the people continue to associate the first time I see, this is not to say that the content of the article (people’s heart, character) is not important, here I mean, both, is the best.

note here is that a good title, does not mean that the title of the party, believe that everyone in the search for articles to learn knowledge, certainly not love the title of the party, the headline is very attractive, but open after reading, otherwise, feeling cheated, this article or less for the wonderful.

two, soft text content

there are so many words, write articles about "tiger leopard tail", this sentence also applies in the writing process of soft, a good title, not enough to reach the ultimate goal, content is also very important, the content of the written note, should pay attention to add some I need to promote content, also is the "invisible advertisement", believe that you know, spent a lot of effort to write an article, did not add their own need to promote, this is not soft, this is the selfless dedication, in this era, this is not more than


in general, the content should pay attention to let the reader feel something, you can learn new knowledge, even the old knowledge, which is best to add some of their own ideas, so that readers can benefit.

three, the end of soft


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