Dangdang gorgeous transformation clothing electricity supplier the two major problems remain to be


Although Dangdang

is a veteran electricity supplier, a large span of the customer base, customer awareness of Dangdang is also very high, but there are also some of the user’s impression of Dangdang still stay at the level of selling books. How to reshape the brand, Dangdang had to seriously consider.

has recently been quiet for some time the clothing electricity supplier suddenly became lively up. In August 15th, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with the fashion group, released in August 18th, the electricity supplier fashion trend; Jingdong and fashion group’s "bazaar" to expand the depth of cooperation, "bazaar" in the Jingdong’s flagship store; in September 11th, dangdang.com in new autumn and winter clothing conference released T Taiwan acceleration program, CEO Li Guoqing is placed "in the whole scale of about 600 billion of the clothing market with 60 billion of the turnover target (see" titanium media reports "fashion" not from the mouth of dangdang.com, seems to be potential selling clothes to the end "). All of a sudden, clothing showing the warlords hegemony.

to raise resources to integrate the public, to seek the transformation of fashion

mobile electricity supplier era, the user’s dependence on the brand gradually reduced, the growing demand for personalized. In the drive of mobile providers, dangdang.com flow, expansion of fashion editors and buyers team team, to establish the depth of cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association, the two sides announced the initial investment 100 million yuan to create China original design support platform, to support outstanding designers OCS shock, or open the designer channel area, and explore all the chips, C2B innovation model, to meet the increasingly fragmented personality fashion needs.

according to dangdang.com vice president Deng Yifei, and Fashion Designer Association will not help Dangdang do production and sales of back-end supply chain but to raise all the way, with its platform resources to revitalize the "more than 2000 designers. These designers to the front desk, recommended to the customer, and then through the customer’s behavioral data to tell the designer what kind of style into the amount of production. Driven by the demands of the Internet, designers are more focused on the design itself.

in my opinion, if the congregation plus custom way safe operation, are also not Dangdang transition. This flexible way to raise the public can not only create a number of outstanding designers, but also can reduce inventory. Order to judge what is good design, this is a kind of power from the terminal. Designers can take advantage of this open platform to open stores, the future can also be given to the design of the free brand Dangdang, Dangdang can take advantage of this advantage to establish independent designer brands.

to create a new mode of clothing business, betting on C2B

The so-called

C2B, Wikipedia’s explanation for consumers according to their own needs customized products and prices, or actively participate in product design, production and pricing, product prices, highlighting the individual needs of consumers, manufacturers of customized production. Throughout the current Chinese business market, Taobao has occupied the field of C2C, and Tmall B2C platform to sit tight in the first, Jingdong, Suning followed, it seems.