Guess the new Alipay marketing mode


After the new version of Alipay

9 on the line, for a variety of new features, causing the user’s tongue storm, some people say that this is Ali set up by the Bureau, long Ali group president asserted, in the near future, will all walks of life to the Internet, it seems that this move version of Alipay promotion, and a time to see the subtle changes in the internet.

first to understand how the new version of Alipay, it adds "friends" and "business" in the two entrance function inside, integrate the social function and the localization of online services, they said this is a social and business o2o, plus Alipay financial function integration software, when a new show in the window in front of the user, the first impression is given to the user’s and WeChat’s social function is too similar, local search service payment and the same with the public comment, the debate continues.

no matter what is the action of Ali’s intention, that is to copy WeChat and public comment or real change Alipay positioning it, one thing is for sure, at least when the user accepts the new Alipay function completely unfamiliar, used WeChat’s social model and a variety of public comments online payment function of idle away in seeking pleasure to get started, operation no effort, had to admit it has been affirmed by the user. The original Alipay when playing the financial, how many companies want to get paid this fall over each other, but also a variety of food, and the third party payment also emerge in an endless stream, WeChat. Now turn to imitate Alipay WeChat, think less realistic things often appear, in fact, what is the meaning?

speaking of social function, simply the number of users of Alipay large enough, but a series of relations between the various users form a social circle is not as good as the chain between WeChat circle, after positioning the difference, WeChat can add friends, this did not familiar, but Alipay must have to add friends money from a friend, the relationship seems to be more closely, even strange friends, at least to transactions trust each other, this is the limitation of the so-called user view. But Xiaobian think WeChat not to regard it as right circle of friends, even friends, but never without traffic trust is not necessarily high, which is the direct cause of the derivative in the circle of friends fell hard, after all, do not trust the bridge before marketing structures, the user is not solid. Pay for play tricks Baoxin Ali, odd billion network Xiaobian bold speculation, it will become a new round of marketing trends.


is social, and access to businesses, it must have the advantage.

first, identity authentication. Alipay users are joined by the real name authentication, so it seems more secure in the user, the transaction object more credible, even in social communication, the user can clearly know the identity of the other party, reduce the psychological defense alert, quickly build trust.

second, merchant service is more real. Alipay access business, started in the o2o localization services, this one has been.

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