Blog name is very important in network promotion


a successful blog, not only has a good content, but also has a name enough to attract attention.

blog name as concise as possible, blog name if too long will lead to other people can not quickly write down your blog name, which will directly affect the number of blog visits. In general, the blog contains two titles, the title and the subtitle, the name is too long, easy to forget, subtitle, and on their own blog blog beautiful name is too long there will be a certain effect. Personally, I especially love a short blog name, so it’s easy to remember.

Please use the

blog name Chinese, in my personal opinion, if you are a Chinese, so please use Chinese, many people love named English blog I am, it is not recommended to do so, first, compared English, Chinese moreaffinity, and English is another country language that is, indifference; second, Chinese easy to remember, English generally seen will forget, so even if your blog name is difficult to remember, visitors can find you through the search engine, especially for some complex English blog love words as the name of the blog, this is wrong, if you really love English, please use some simple words to remember it, a blog is good and bad, and not by how much do you know about the word English decision, but by the nature of the Content determined.

the name of the blog should pay attention to grammar, some people love their own blog to get different from ordinary people, so that personal independence of conduct is the performance of personality, the pursuit of individuality is good, but not too much, such as the syntax error is very should not, it is not easy to remember but also have a certain influence on the SEO optimization.

the name of the blog to blog theme, if you have a group of loyal readers and theme, then to blog name when it is necessary to pay attention to contact the theme, the benefits of doing so has two points, one is to let the readers of your article have trust, one is the embodiment of you from a professional point of view clear through the blog so, subscribe to your blog more and more people will, your blog will leave the success one step closer.


capture, relative to other sites, the world’s major search engines is almost more preference on the blog site, in your blog name know how to catch the key words, can let you in the major search engines search rate rising rapidly, greatly increased the flow rate of the blog, if you are in pursuit of the main flow of the blog, suggestions you hold the keywords and related to the blog, for you, this will be a very good choice.

highlight the personality, you may be in doubt, because as mentioned in my blog name should pay attention to the grammar should not be too, now again to highlight the personality, will not contradict each other? I hope you understand the difference between the two, what I say is in good condition of grammar errors can have the name of the blog their own characteristics, but if all sorts of strange things others do not know what it had been, in twenty-first Century new-new generation emerge in an endless stream of today, in.

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