A west London Christmas


first_imgChristmas came early for Manchester United fans this year as Santa rocked up in west London bearing gifts.First stop was Loftus Road, followed by a trip to Craven Cottage, where visiting supporters who’d opted to make a long weekend of it were rewarded with six points, seven goals and a succession of missed chances. (Before making the long journey back to Surrey – ho ho ho.)I was at the QPR game, armed with hope, memories of Dennis Bailey and a six-year-old daughter who’d never seen us lose.It took precisely 52 seconds for Wayne Rooney to shatter the dream.The striker’s face lit up like the pound signs in the eyes of his hair surgeon as he shrugged off the attention of five Rangers players to squeeze his header in.“Carrick…was afforded the sort of space you’d give to Nick Clegg if you saw him walking towards you down the street.”More importantly, the early blow from Rooney – who bossed the game from start to finish – killed the atmosphere, with tired refrains of “You let your country down” the best a listless crowd could muster.Indeed the chant of the night belonged to the United fans, who gleefully sang “Warnock for England!” as the manager scratched his head looking for answers.In the event they were nearly provided by forgotten man Adel Taarabt, who showed more class in his brief cameo appearance than the rest of his team-mates put together.The unfathomable Moroccan is either desperate to show QPR what they’ve been missing – or what they will be missing when he hot-foots it off to France in January.When Taarabt’s glorious cross left his fellow sub with an open goal, I had visions of a glorious comeback and the opportunity for the PA man to dust down his copy of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.In the event, Dudley Junior Campbell fluffed his lines and it was Michael Carrick who had the final say.Can Taarabt light up QPR’s festive period?QPR have long been renowned for giving a leg-up to players and teams on a bad run and Carrick, who’d gone two years without a goal, was afforded the sort of space you’d give to Nick Clegg if you saw him walking towards you down the street, as he strolled through unopposed to pick his spot.Three days later, Sunderland were in town to help themselves to Rangers’ all-you-can-eat buffet, with Taarabt again not introduced until his side were two down.Two goals in as many minutes seemed to have turned the game on its head until Wes Brown (Wes Brown!) stole in to give Sunderland a 3-2 win, leaving Rangers with one point from 15 and (to quote the name of a Loftus Road ‘legend’) in deep Doudou.Meanwhile, Fulham rolled out the welcome mat for Brown’s former employers in a game which will doubtless be dubbed “5-0 – even Berba scored.”The rarely-seen Bulgarian found the net with the cheekiest of backheels before celebrating with all the gusto of a man trying to remember where he’s parked his car.It left some Fulham fans muttering about whether Martin Jol was such a good appointment after all, with ‘Clydebank’ on the Cottage Corner messageboard getting into the festive spirit by crooning: “We’re beginning to look a lot like Brentford.”Don’t mock – you could be playing them next season.Meanwhile, ‘Gandalf’ on the same board conceded: “Title chances over. City and United too far adrift.” Tsk tsk, such negativity.Next up for the Whites is a Boxing Day trip to Stamford Bridge, where there won’t be any songs sung about John Terry. Much.The Chelsea skipper, who has a date with the beak in February, cast aside his off-field concerns to save his side’s bacon against Tottenham with a last-ditch clearance to secure a 1-1 draw – a few days after Petr Cech had earned Wigan a similar result.Bees boss Rosler could have plenty to smile about in 2012.And so to Brentford, who are clinging on to the final play-off spot in League One despite conceding a late equaliser to 10-man Bury at Gigg Lane.At least they were entering into the Christmas spirit on the Griffin Park Grapevine forum, with ‘Boscombe Bee’ declaring: “Looking forward to those bits if sausage wrapped in bacon. Whoever invented those is right up there with Edison!”‘Brickie chap’ was not so sure, announcing: “I’ll be ignoring anyone sporting any daft Santa crap. I may say something nice to a select few on Christmas Day itself…but that’s not certain.”And there was also a miserable pantomime experience. The conversation went like this:‘Markybee’: “Went to Windsor Theatre on Saturday night to see Sleeping Beauty. The jokes were so bad it wasn’t true.”‘GP200’: “Oh no they weren’t.”‘Marybee’: “Oh yes they were.”Back on Cottage Corner, ‘Royce Traner’ had some interesting advice on how to cook a turkey:“First, buy the turkey and a bottle of vodka. Pour yourself a glass of vodka and put the turkey in the oven. Take another two drinks of vodka and set the degree at 375 ovens.“Have three more vodkas of drink and turn the oven on. Do four more and turk the bastey. Stick a turkey in the thermometer, and glass yourself. Bake the vodka for four hours, take the oven out of the turkey, and floor the turkey up off the pick. Pour yourself another glass of turkey. Now just tet the sable, and turk the carvey.”Couldn’t have put it better myself.And finally, the feelgood Christmas story of the year involved rumours of Man City striker Mario Balotelli driving around Manchester dressed in a blue Santa’s outfit handing out money.No-one could confirm it but the fact nobody thought it was unlikely to have happened confirmed what we already knew – the bloke is a proper star.Have a good Christmas and see you on the other side.Follow Chris on Twitterlast_img read more

Warriors, 116, T-Wolves, 108: How Draymond Green set the tone on his first game back


first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery or video on your mobile device.)Subscribe to the Mercury News and East Bay Times for $40 a year and receive a free Warriors championship coffee table bookOAKLAND — The Warriors’ versatile All-Star admittedly felt like a “kid in a candy store.” So as Draymond Green stepped on the court after missing 13 of the past 15 games because of an injured toe in his right foot, he wanted to taste everything that makes him enjoy basketball.He …last_img read more

The Lie That Relationships Don’t Matter in Sales


first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now What I write here will be unpopular with some. Maybe even many, and maybe a majority in some circles. When everything is conflated to bits and bytes and atoms, the idea that we humans are something more, something special, is an idea considered quaint.All Commercial RelationshipsThe idea that relationships no longer matter in sales—or commercial relationships, more generally—has captured the imagination of business leaders and entrepreneurs. They look at Bezos and recognize the value of a transactional approach, one that scales without the messy, expensive, massively variable performance of human beings and one that relies on technology and the promise of consistency. Revenue and profit are generated by and through transactions, and more transactions is better than fewer, and faster is better than slower.Consumers, we are told, want what they want, when they want, and how they want it. They want a reduction in friction and expect to have it by clicking a link. Or, simply walking into a store, filling your cart, and walking out without being bothered to swipe their credit card. The transaction is the relationship, because the purchase is transactional, requiring no greater value than what is generated when the product is the value proposition.It is a mistake to apply this model to all commercial interactions, especially when the decision is strategic, requires significant investments, comes with risk, and where their area different approaches, different choices, and the potential for huge variations in results. Optimizing for efficiency through technology is the exact opposite of what is necessary to be effective and successful.Consultative RelationshipsWhy are relationships crucial to these types of decisions? There is an advantage created for both the salesperson and their prospective client that is created through intimacy. There is a trust that is created when a person is other-oriented and really knows and understand their prospective client. That trust is generated, in part, by the salesperson understanding the context of the decision, the company’s goals, their strategy, and what they need to do to succeed. Trust is also the byproduct of knowing the individuals who are making and executing decisions and how they operate together.As a salesperson, if your prospective client (or client) thinks of you as an insider, as one of us, you hold a commanding share of their mind share—and are more than likely to hold a commanding share of their spending in your category. In all things human, trying to be efficient is contra to effectiveness. Faster isn’t better than better. Relationships require an investment of time and energy, making them expensive to create and maintain. That said, they are still not as expensive as not having the relationship, poorly serving your prospective clients, and losing to others who are willing to make investments you avoid.Credibility is important, but intimacy creates a preference. Refuse ideas that ignore the many factors that compel change and preference.If what you sell is a something that should be a transaction, by all means, transact, and do so with great haste. But if what you sell should be a consultative sale, develop the relationships that allow you to be consultative, to occupy the role of trusted advisor (even though you should never describe yourself as such). Investing in the idea that you should seek transactional efficiency and that relationships don’t matter is a mistake of the first order.last_img read more

Developmental milestones record- 3 years


first_imgDefinitionThis article describes the skills and growth markers relevant to 3-year-olds.Alternative NamesNormal childhood growth milestones – 3 years; Growth milestones for children – 3 years; Childhood growth milestones – 3 yearsInformationThese milestones are typical of children in the third year of life. Always keep in mind that some variation is normal. If you have questions about your childs development, contact your health care provider.Physical and motor milestones for a typical 3-year-old may include:Gains about 4 – 5 poundsGrows about 2 – 3 inchesAre about half their adult heightHas improved balanceHas improved vision (20/30)Has all 20 primary teethNeeds 11 – 13 hours of sleep a dayMay have daytime control over bowel and bladder functions (may have nighttime control as well)Can briefly balance and hop on one footMay walk up the stairs with alternating feet (without holding the rail)Can construct a block tower of more than nine cubesCan easily place small objects in a small openingCan copy a circleCan pedal a tricycleSensory, cognitive, and social milestones include:Has a vocabulary of many hundreds of wordsComposes sentences of three wordsCounts three objectsUses plurals and pronouns (he/she)Frequently asks questionsCan dress self, only requiring assistance with laces, buttons, and other fasteners in awkward placesHas longer attention spanFeeds self without difficultyActs out social encounters through play activitiesHas some decrease in separation anxiety for short periods of timeFears imaginary thingsKnows own name, age, and gender (boy/girl)Starts to shareHas some cooperative play (building tower of blocks together)At age 3, almost all of a childs speech should be understandable.advertisementTemper tantrums are common at this age. Children who have tantrums that regularly last for more than 15 minutes or that occur more than three times a day should be seen by a health care provider.Recommendations for parents regarding appropriate play at this age:Provide a safe play environment and constant supervision.Provide the necessary space for physical activity.Help your child participate in — and learn the rules of — sporting activities.Monitor both the time and content of television viewing.Visit local areas of interest.Encourage your child to help with small household chores, such as helping set the table or picking up toys.Encourage play with other children to help develop social skills.Encourage creative play.Read together.Encourage your child to learn by answering questions.Provide activities related to your childs particular interests.Encourage your child to use words to express feelings (rather than acting out).ReferencesFeigelman S. The preschool years. In: Kliegman RM, Behrman RE, Jenson HB, Stanton BF, eds. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. 19th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2011:chap 10.Review Date:5/12/2012Reviewed By:Jennifer K. Mannheim, ARNP, Medical Staff, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Seattle Childrens Hospital. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more