Six in the Stix Mountain Biking Festival this weekend


first_img After young riders show their stuff, Sunday will test mountain bikers with their skills and endurance over a 6 hour period of cross-country riding on the 13 km loop in the Cranbrook Community Forest.Organizer Cooper advises mountain bikers to “enjoy the smooth & subtle uphills that gain 365m of elevation throughout the entire loop, and to remain focused during the swoopy & fast flat and downhill sections of the endless single-tracks”.Participants can choose to tackle the six hour event as an individual rider or as part of a relay team of two or do the new lap Stix suited for recreational riders.Registration cut-off is Thursday, September 17.Story source originated at The Nelson Daily More than 100 kids and youth are expected to be part of the action at the Sixth annual Six in the Stix Mountain Biking Festival September 19-12 near Cranbrook.Riders from Alberta and the Kootenays will participate in one of three races as a way of celebrating participation, health, fitness and the simple joy of riding a bicycle.Riders 2-14 years old can choose one of the following challenges: riding 15 minutes around & over obstacles around a paved course, and riding either up to a maximum of 30 minutes or 60 minutes on the trails of a 1.4 km loop in the Cranbrook Community Forest above the College of the Rockies.For the 15-min. Stix, geared for athletes 3-6 years old, riders may show off their favorite stride bike, 4-wheel bike or standard 2-wheel bicycle. As for the 30 min. & 60 min. trail options, race organizer Charlie Cooper provides this description: “The trails just above the College are mostly double-track and very smooth, but there’s also a fun section of single-track called Roller Coaster that will have riders twist & turn their way downhill as fast as they want back to the finish. It’s a loop with just a little bit of climbing and lots of room for riders to pass each other.”Riders of all abilities are invited to attend this exciting event, and organizers have kept the entry fee at only $10. Each rider will enjoy a well-organized race, receive a goodie bag and be able to restore their energy levels at the Stix Shack after crossing the finish line.Registration is available online until Friday night, September 18 at and limited race day registration will be accepted at the event. Check-in & late registration will begin at 12:15 p.m. on Saturday and races will begin at 1 p.m.last_img read more

Darwin Debate Strategy: Declare Victory


first_imgThe easiest way to win a debate is to simply disallow your opponent, and then declare victory by forfeit.  Is that what supporters of Darwin are doing to their critics?The winner is: Darwin:  PhysOrg reported favorably on a book by Mano Singham (Case Western Reserve University) that declares victory against creationism and intelligent design: e.g., “The Dover case, says Singham, also brings the curtain down on the long history of religious groups trying to breach the wall between church and state.”  Neither Singham nor PhysOrg allowed the other side time to rebut this and other claims.  No, despite the fact that the Discovery Institute wrote a detailed rebuttal to this conception of what happened at Dover, and has repeatedly answered such claims on its Evolution News and Views web page, the title states as a matter of fact, “Science wins fight over evolution in schools, says Case Western Reserve University author.”  The article gives him the victory lap at the end, too: “For now the battle between religion and Darwin has been won by science, says Singham.”Inherit the Wind won’t die:  Despite numerous misrepresentations of the Scopes Trial, the play Inherit the Wind still makes the rounds.  It’s playing in London.  Celeste Biever mushed over the play in New Scientist and reflected on its bittersweet lessons about how science trumps religion, but how sad it is that so many well-meaning people can’t let go of their faith.  In her article Biever recounted an event from the Dover trial that never happened.  She claimed Michael Behe said astrology would count as science and the courtroom erupted in laughter.  Behe has answered this claim with clarification that Biever was misunderstanding his statement and that the laughter was at a different time about a different matter (check Uncommon Descent archives).  Of course, his side of the story was not allowed into the article.Selective book reviews:  Lawrence D. Hurst reviewed two pro-evolution books for Nature.1  His article shows a photo of Dawkins proudly holding a copy of his book The Greatest Show on Earth.  To Hurst, the only controversy between the pugilistic Richard Dawkins and the gentlemanly Carl Zimmer was which approach is most likely to be effective in smashing creationists over the head.  “So which is the better strategy for explaining the difference between fact and fantasy: that of the quiet American or that of the British Rottweiler?  Zimmer makes the facts palatable but Dawkins reminds us that some people persist in their beliefs even if they are profoundly contradicted by observation and logic,” Hurst declared.  Sounds like he supports the Dawkins approach.It has been a fairly well-known phenomenon that a faceless army of anti-I.D. editors scours Wikipedia daily to maintain their lies about intelligent design supporters.  This is true for other controversial figures like Rush Limbaugh, too.  Some I.D. scientists have corrected factual errors on pages about themselves, only to find their corrections overwritten almost immediately with the same lies.  Wikipedia maintains no method of accountability for editors and no method for targets of these lies to get them corrected.  Because of this, no one should consider Wikipedia a reliable source for information – particularly on controversial topics like evolution and intelligent design.1.  Lawrence D. Hurst, “Showcasing the evidence for evolution,” Nature 461, 596 (1 October 2009) | doi:10.1038/461596a.The Darwinists are not above telling outright lies in pushing their views in the media.  “Our enterprise has established facts and we should have the confidence to say so.  Evolution is one such fact,” says Hurst, conveniently equivocating over the word evolution.  Celeste Biever lies about Behe but calls Darwin “the man who has contributed more than any other to our understanding of where humanity came from” (a majority might give that honor to Jesus Christ).  Singham repeatedly portrays critics of Darwin as violating separation of church and state.  These three examples of Darwin debating tactics (e.g., one-sided presentations) are riddled with simplistic either-or fallacies, glittering generalities, outright lies and half-truths.  In a real debate they could not get away with it.  They do what is typical of leftists and radicals: shut the other side up, and declare victory.  Wasn’t that tactic famously displayed in certain totalitarian dystopias over the last century?  We report both sides and give you original sources so that you can judge for yourself.  In other words, we respect your freedom and the dignity of your individual intellect.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA’s dollar millionaires on the rise


first_img10 July 2006South Africa’s number of dollar millionaires rose by nearly 16% last year, joining three other countries with the fastest-growing population of the super-rich in the world.According to the 10th annual World Wealth Report released by US-based investment groups Merrill Lynch and Capgemini last month, global millionaire numbers totalled 8.7-million in 2005, an increase of 6.5% on the previous year.“South Africa’s 15.9% growth of dollar millionaires in 2005 was phenomenal … well above the global rate of 6.5,” Capgemini spokesperson Patrick McLaughlin told the Sunday Times. According to the report, the country now has a total of 42 883 millionaires.The report defines millionaires – “high net worth individuals”, or HNWIs – as those holding more than US$1-million in financial assets, excluding their primary residence.“The HNWI population grew most dramatically in South Korea, rising 21.3%; India rising 19.3%; Russia, where it rose 17.4%; and South Africa, where it grew by 15.9%,” the report says.“Overall HNWI wealth during the period grew by 8.5%, to US$33.3-trillion in financial holdings. These financial gains were particularly strong in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, where emerging markets continue to play a moderate game of ‘catch up’ with major markets.”The top-performing countries in terms of increased numbers of millionaires from 2004 to 2005 (Image: Merrill Lynch)The report attributes South Africa’s gain in part to the phenomenal growth on the JSE, Johannesburg’s stock exchange.“Emerging and developing capital markets outpaced most mature stock markets,” the report says. “Markets such as India, South Korea, Poland and South Africa all returned better than 40%.”The JSE All Share Index was the third-best performing in the world, with a 43% return in 2005, slightly under the 43.1% recorded by Poland’s WIG20. The top performer was the South Korean Kospi, with a 54% return, while other emerging market exchanges lagged behind, with India at 42.3%, Mexico at 37.8% and Brazil 27.7%.In terms of general market value, the report says, “South Korea, Denmark, South Africa and Japan were among the best-performing markets in 2005, providing green pastures for HNWIs to cultivate their wealth”.Africa as a whole saw the highest growth in HNWI numbers, at 11.7%, reflecting growing prosperity across the continent. The Middle East had 9.8% new millionaires, Latin America 9.7%, the Asia-Pacific region 7.3%, North America 6.9% and Europe 4.5%. The actual wealth of Africa’s high net worth individuals rose by 14.5%, the second-highest increase, after the Middle East, in the reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

The Home Stretch: When Retirement is Near


first_imgBy Carol ChurchTo many of us, retirement may still look very distant—almost like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When you’re getting up and working every morning and still have years to go, it can seem like that day is never going to arrive!Yet as that planned leave date finally approaches, people may start feeling a little nervous or even panicked about the many changes to come. One major concern is likely to be financial preparation—or, possibly, the lack thereof.If this is on your mind or the minds of those you work with, here are some reminders and things to consider when entering that “home stretch”: the last 6 months to two years before retirement. While these concerns will not apply to everyone, and every situation is different, these basic reminders may help.Make a budgetThose retiring within the near future should start thinking about likely monthly expenditures and how they line up with what they have saved and expect to receive in pensions, Social Security, investment earnings, and so on. Lifestyle in retirement will be a big consideration. How often do they want to travel? What will they be doing with leisure time? Can they cook more, or will they be eating out more? How will clothing and gas costs change?Wipe out debtIf there’s any debt to be paid off, especially high-interest debt, this is the time to get it done. This may require penny-pinching now, but it will be worth it later.Reduce financial obligationsMost retirees will be living on less after the transition. This is a good time to take a hard look at bills and obligations and consider what one can begin to cut out. Done now, it won’t feel like so much of a shock later.Decide when to take Social SecurityThe majority of Social Security retirees opt to start receiving benefits as early as possible (currently, age 62)—before “full” retirement age. But if they wait till 67 to 70, monthly benefits will be significantly greater. This is the best choice for many, especially those who think they will live a long life or are still earning any income (since SS benefits can be taxed depending on how much you are making). However, others will want or need to take the benefits earlier.Consider downsizing your homeSpeaking of debt, this is one major way to eliminate it. While selling a home is a major decision, it can certainly put money in one’s pocket, reduce financial obligations, and simplify life. Downsizing to one car is also a possible for some couples.Make catch-up contributions to retirement savings funds, if neededJoin the upcoming webinar Catch-Up Retirement Savings Strategies June 8 at 11 a.m. ET.  Photospin/PS ProductionsThose over the age of 50 have the right to make additional “catch-up” contributions (over and above the usual tax year limit) to traditional and Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and SIMPLE 401Ks (generally held by the self-employed), and 401K and 403B plans. They should not assume that this isn’t worth it…. retirement can be very long. Get more information from the IRS here.Rebalance investmentsFor those who haven’t looked much at their investments in a while, now is certainly the time—but it’s important not to get too nervous. It’s still key to accumulate more wealth for the years to come, which will entail some continued risk. This may be a very important time to consult a certified financial planner.Consider whether or not part-time work or freelancing might be the right choiceIf a budget shortfall looks like a possibility (and even if it doesn’t), it may be worth thinking about paid work of some kind. Today’s “gig economy” offers many interesting choices. This can be a time to explore options that weren’t a possibility before.Don’t panic or give upEven those who feel significantly behind shouldn’t feel they have to “work till they drop” or that there’s no point in even trying to catch up. Progress is possible, especially when combining increased saving with decreased spending. If generalized “you need X sum for retirement” estimates create feelings of panic, keep in mind that depending on lifestyle and expenses, they may not be accurate.Spend time thinking about goals…and not just the financial onesAs retirement approaches, it’s definitely time to take stock of goals, dreams, and desires, while also keeping in mind that feelings may change. (For instance, some discover that they don’t like “taking it easy” as much as they thought they would.) Retirement is an emotional adjustment, not just a practical one.Join our 3-day learning event June 6-8 to learn about retirement resources, planning and enjoying the post-working years. More information available here.last_img read more

Belgian GP: Lewis Hamilton needs to step up in his 200th race


first_imgLewis Hamilton will start the 200th grand prix of his Formula One career in Belgium this weekend but the triple world champion has smaller but more significant numbers on his mind.Refreshed from an August break in the Caribbean, including a trip to Cuba in his role as UNICEF ambassador, the Mercedes driver is 14 points behind championship leader Sebastian Vettel as he revs up for the second half of the season.A fifth victory of 2017 for the Briton would put the pressure back on Ferrari’s Vettel and Hamilton can celebrate another milestone by bagging pole position on Saturday at the long and fast Spa-Francorchamps circuit.Reuters PhotoThat would see Hamilton, who sportingly relinquished third place to team mate Valtteri Bottas in Hungary before the summer shutdown, match the record of 68 poles set by Michael Schumacher with Ferrari in 2006.Mercedes have won the last two Belgian Grands Prix, with now-retired 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg triumphant from pole last year after Hamilton won in 2015.Nobody will be taking anything for granted, however, after Ferrari’s one-two win in Budapest at the end of July.”On paper, people will assume that Spa should suit our car because it is a circuit where aerodynamic efficiency is extremely important,” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said.”But assumptions are dangerous — we have seen too many times already this season that the form book can be rewritten from one weekend to the next. So we will be making no assumptions.”Reuters PhotoHamilton has won twice before at Spa, as has Vettel, but the track — a classic blast from the past — has not been particularly kind to him.advertisementIn 2008, when he won his first title, the Briton was demoted from first to third after the race for cutting a chicane, with then Ferrari rival Felipe Massa savouring victory instead.Spa can often be a lottery, with its capricious weather, and rain could be a boon for Red Bull’s Belgian-born Dutch teenager Max Verstappen, who can count on plenty of local support in what amounts to a home race.”I just love the track and it’ll be nice seeing so many orange (Dutch) fans in the grandstands,” he said.”Spa is my favourite track of the year. You have to get everything right but when you get a good lap it’s very rewarding.”Belgium could also be good for Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, who arrives with a new contract for 2018 in his pocket.The fearless Finnish ‘Iceman’ has won four times at Spa but will need to be beyond the reach of Ferrari ‘team orders’ if he is to do it again.”For sure there are some circuits that fit us better,” Raikkonen, whose last Belgian win in 2009 was also Ferrari’s most recent at Spa, said in Hungary.”The Mercedes has better horsepower but it depends on so many things.”If you purely look now, you would say it’s not going to be as easy for us as here (Hungary) but obviously we try to improve and we are going to do our best.”Sunday’s race, the 50th world championship Grand Prix held at Spa, will also see a Belgian competing — McLaren rookie Stoffel Vandoorne — for the first time since Jerome d’Ambrosio in 2012.last_img read more

Video: A Jameis Winston Overthrow At FSU’s Pro Day Resulted In Some People Getting Knocked Out On The Sideline


first_imgJameis Winston participates in Florida State's pro day.Jameis Winston, the probable No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, is currently showing off his abilities at Florida State’s pro day in Tallahassee. He’s reportedly going to throw between 90-110 passes. One of those passes really got away from him, leading to a pretty big collision on the sideline at the Semionles’ indoor facility. Check it out: Keep your head on a swivel, camera guy.last_img

State Minister Azan Pleased with Pace of Road Works in Westmoreland


first_img By Glenis A. Rose, JIS Reporter Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, Hon. Richard Azan, has expressed satisfaction with the pace and quality of road works being undertaken across sections of Westmoreland at a cost of over $1.5 billion. “So far, we are satisfied that the majority of the projects being carried out will be completed within time, as we are hoping to wrap up all these projects by the end of June,” he said. Mr. Azan was speaking to JIS News on Thursday, March 21, after a tour of road rehabilitation and upgrading projects in the eastern and central parts of the parish. The works are being undertaken under the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP), the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP), as other initiatives. Among the areas visited were Ashton, Berkshire, Cedar Grove, Whitehouse, Belmont, Cave, Stony Bridge and Ferris. Mr. Azan, who was accompanied by representatives from his Ministry and the National Works Agency, assessed the status of the works and got a first-hand look at the condition of other roadways. He expressed pleasure that community members are being included in the general workforce. Member of Parliament for Eastern Westmoreland, and State Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Hon. Luther Buchanan, also expressed pleasure. He pointed out that the improvement works will enhance the economic prospects of the entire parish as well as that of the country.last_img read more

ABB Wuchang Shipbuilding Team Up on Green Ships


first_imgzoom Power and automation technology group ABB has signed an agreement with China’s Wuchang Shipbuilding Group to cooperate on developing greener ships and digital solutions. Under the deal to deepen cooperation, ABB said that the partnership will help Wuchang Shipbuilding Group manufacture “highly efficient and technologically advanced vessels.”“Chinese shipyards are diversifying their portfolios and ABB’s long history of working in the icebreaking and cruise sectors is particularly relevant to China’s ship builders,” Alf Kare Adnanes, head of ABB’s Marine and Ports business in China, said.“This agreement is a result of our commitment to the Chinese market and it will lead to a new generation of greener and smarter vessels being built in China,” Juha Koskela, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports business, said.Image Courtesy: ABBlast_img read more

Think new to reach pinnacle of success Sisodia to budding entrepreneurs


first_imgNEW DELHI: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia urged the budding entrepreneurs to think new and innovate constantly in order to reach the pinnacle of success. He was addressing the students at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi). The insitiutte organised Pitch Cafe 2.0 with the aim to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young innovators, budding start-ups and bring them closer to fulfilling their dreams. The event saw participation from 14 institutes/colleges from all over the country including IIT-Delhi and BITS Pilani. Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarAddressing the students, Sisodia emphasised on the need to have a zeal to learn. He said, “Today the major challenge for the educators is not to teach what is already discovered, but to teach which is still to be invented. We have to teach our students to think new, think innovated every time. There are three types of start-ups today, one who think in the box, one who thinks out of the box and one who does not care where the box is. So decide where you are and work accordingly”. Also Read – Union min Hardeep Singh Puri, Delhi L-G lay foundation stones for various projects in DwarkaHe also added, “all the budding entrepreneurs face challenges and failures, but it is up to them whether they want to keep the failure as a burden on their head or convert them into learnings and step upon them. Courage to float against the odds is what is required for the entrepreneurship”. Director, IIIT-Delhi, Prof. Ranjan Bose also addressed the teams and said that “entrepreneurship is not a skill; it doesn’t have a switch off and switch on button, it is a lifestyle”. He also added that “it is not easy to live this lifestyle, but all of you have done so. It is not easy to do a startup. You have to get everything together, and you have to do everything yourself. In the end, you may have the best idea in the world, and it may turn out not to fly. And then you just have to say ‘sorry, it didn’t work, I will try again”. Top 7 teams presented their products to a panel consisting of incubators, industrialists, startup owners and mentors. Apart from the seven teams of IIIT-Delhi, IIT Delhi; BITS Pilani (Pilani); IIM Ahmedabad; Vellore Institute of Technology (Chennai); Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women; National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (Sonipat); and many other institutes from NCR and other parts of the country came with their ideas.last_img read more

New Delhi The Sky Is Pink is ready to hit the scr


first_imgNew Delhi: The Sky Is Pink is ready to hit the screens this month. Its actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas found the film very special and saw a connection between her real-life parents and her character in the movie. Director Shonali Bose’s The Sky Is Pink is about a couple that lose their daughter to pulmonary fibrosis, a serious immunity disease. The film has Priyanka and Farhan Akhtar acting as parents of that girl. “This is a very special film based on a special real-life couple who thrive through extraordinary circumstances. I feel like in a cynical world today where we live our own lives, this film shows you what it can do when you have a family, family support,” Priyanka said. Also Read – ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ has James Cameron’s fingerprints all over it: Arnold Schwarzenegger”I feel like when I read the movie (script), that’s when you know.. jumped out at me so much because my parents were like that. They were extremely supportive and that gave me the ability to be who I am and where I am today,” she added and requested the audience to not leave their brains behind to watch this movie. The film also stars actor Rohit Saraf. “This talks about love, togetherness and loss. It talks about all these things in a very unique and different perspective.”last_img read more