Curry, Warriors featured in new documentary series ‘Shut Up and Dribble’


first_imgShowtime has released a trailer for its compelling new documentary series, “Shut Up and Dribble,” which apparently includes several segments featuring the Golden State Warriors.The film, executive produced by LeBron James and longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter, examines how pro basketball players, over time, have taken control of their own brands and have helped to bring about social change while using their platforms for a broader purpose.The trailer leads off with …last_img read more

How to Use Climate Consultant 4


first_imgWith the text for each design guideline in CC4 comes a schematic or drawing of the guideline.Check out CC4 using either sample data weather files or go to EnergyPlus to download the weather file that is closest to your next project. It will either be a pretty good double check on your design or result in some great changes.……………….1 Climate Consultant was developed by the UCLA Energy Design Group and is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California. Wind Wheel 3-D Chart from Climate Consultant 4 showing patterns of direction, intensity, and duration.The wind wheel can be useful in planning natural ventilation, landscaping, and orientation of entries and tall gables. You can change fields, including month selection, and even a time-lapse expression of all the wind data, at the lower left.Psychrometric Chart This psychrometric chart allows you to select different design strategies and see their relevance based on temperature and relative humidity impact on thermal comfort.I think the psychrometric chart is the most useful chart you can generate with CC4(there is also a great, short tutorial on psychrometric chart basics that you can download here).The blue dots strewn across the chart are all of the hourly temperature/relative humidity data points for one year. The dots inside just the dark blue box meet standard thermal comfort conditions (per ASHRAE Standard 55). So in Buffalo, for example, there are only 281 hours a year when most folks would not need any form of space conditioning; the outside conditions alone would work.The green box shows that the design strategy of fan-forced ventilation cooling would add another 655 hours of thermal comfort in Buffalo. You can work your way through all of the strategies, evaluating their individual and cumulative effects on thermal comfort.And as you go, you can check on prioritized design guidelines that match the strategies you have selected on the psychrometric chart. The first design guideline listed for the psychrometric chart above is #42, recommending the use of ceiling fans.Ceiling Fan Schematiccenter_img For over 2,000 locations across the country, there are hourly weather data files packed with temperature, humidity, and wind information that can be used to better match home designs to the conditions they will face. But to say that all this information is dense and overwhelming is a bit of an understatement.When I teach the Building Envelope course for the Boston Architectural College’s on-line Sustainable Design Certificate program, I always seem to be stringing together a bunch of different web sites for nationwide climate and weather data. But then I came across the free software, Climate Consultant 4 (CC4)1. It’s an amazing tool. It takes all that weather data and serves it up in 17 different charts, all of which are clear and compelling visual expressions of the data. Here are some of my favorites.3-D ChartsNote how the colors categorize ranges of air temperature and how you can use the mouse to rotate the image to think the pattern through from different angles. It’s pretty easy to get a sense of temperature patterns with the data expressed in this 3-D chart.The drop down menu under “Plot” allows you to use the 3-D chart for seven other weather parameters, like relative humidity and wind speed.Wind Wheellast_img read more

The Lie That Relationships Don’t Matter in Sales


first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now What I write here will be unpopular with some. Maybe even many, and maybe a majority in some circles. When everything is conflated to bits and bytes and atoms, the idea that we humans are something more, something special, is an idea considered quaint.All Commercial RelationshipsThe idea that relationships no longer matter in sales—or commercial relationships, more generally—has captured the imagination of business leaders and entrepreneurs. They look at Bezos and recognize the value of a transactional approach, one that scales without the messy, expensive, massively variable performance of human beings and one that relies on technology and the promise of consistency. Revenue and profit are generated by and through transactions, and more transactions is better than fewer, and faster is better than slower.Consumers, we are told, want what they want, when they want, and how they want it. They want a reduction in friction and expect to have it by clicking a link. Or, simply walking into a store, filling your cart, and walking out without being bothered to swipe their credit card. The transaction is the relationship, because the purchase is transactional, requiring no greater value than what is generated when the product is the value proposition.It is a mistake to apply this model to all commercial interactions, especially when the decision is strategic, requires significant investments, comes with risk, and where their area different approaches, different choices, and the potential for huge variations in results. Optimizing for efficiency through technology is the exact opposite of what is necessary to be effective and successful.Consultative RelationshipsWhy are relationships crucial to these types of decisions? There is an advantage created for both the salesperson and their prospective client that is created through intimacy. There is a trust that is created when a person is other-oriented and really knows and understand their prospective client. That trust is generated, in part, by the salesperson understanding the context of the decision, the company’s goals, their strategy, and what they need to do to succeed. Trust is also the byproduct of knowing the individuals who are making and executing decisions and how they operate together.As a salesperson, if your prospective client (or client) thinks of you as an insider, as one of us, you hold a commanding share of their mind share—and are more than likely to hold a commanding share of their spending in your category. In all things human, trying to be efficient is contra to effectiveness. Faster isn’t better than better. Relationships require an investment of time and energy, making them expensive to create and maintain. That said, they are still not as expensive as not having the relationship, poorly serving your prospective clients, and losing to others who are willing to make investments you avoid.Credibility is important, but intimacy creates a preference. Refuse ideas that ignore the many factors that compel change and preference.If what you sell is a something that should be a transaction, by all means, transact, and do so with great haste. But if what you sell should be a consultative sale, develop the relationships that allow you to be consultative, to occupy the role of trusted advisor (even though you should never describe yourself as such). Investing in the idea that you should seek transactional efficiency and that relationships don’t matter is a mistake of the first order.last_img read more

Photo: NFL-Bound Florida DL Dante Fowler Took Out An Ad In The Gainesville Sun Thanking #GatorNation


first_imgDante Fowler interacting with Florida Gators fans.KNOXVILLE, TN – OCTOBER 4: Dante Fowler Jr. #6 of the Florida Gators gestures toward fans in the closing seconds of the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium on October 4, 2014 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Florida defeated Tennessee 10-9. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)Dante Fowler’s time as a Florida football player is over, as the junior defensive lineman is headed to the NFL. Fowler, a potential first-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, won’t be leaving Florida without saying “thank you” to all the fans who supported him during his time in Gainesville, Fla. The 6-foot-3, 261-pound defensive end took out an ad in Friday’s Gainesville Sun expressing gratitude to all of Gator Nation. Very cool from @TheDanteFowler6, thanking the #GatorNation with an ad in today’s @GainesvilleSun @Gator_sports— GatorZone Football (@GatorZoneFB) January 30, 2015Well done, Dante. Fowler, a possible outside linebacker at the next level, is projected to go 13th overall to New Orleans in’s latest mock draft.last_img read more

Banking FMCG to benefit from corp tax cut pharma IT to remain


first_imgNew Delhi: The government’s big announcement of a cut in corporate tax will benefit sectors such as banking and FMGC but IT and pharma may not see any tangible benefits as their current effective tax rate is lower, ICICI Direct Research said in a report. “Like a bolt from the blue, the government (on Friday) announced a reduction in the corporate tax rate from close to 35 per cent to 25.17 per cent thereby fulfilling its key agenda of implementing the Direct tax Code (DTC). This is a massive trigger for revving up growth and, more importantly, resurrecting sentiments that were down in the dumps,” the report said. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange framework The immediate benefit is increased cash flows to corporate India that will be either channelised into debt reduction or incremental investments in increasing capacity. Also, taxing new production facilities (that come up by 2023) at 15 per cent will enable attraction of global capital and spur a beleaguered investment cycle, it said. “From a granular perspective, sectors like banking and FMCG are expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.2 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively vs. earlier CAGR of 42.2 per cent and 12.2 per cent. On the flip side, sectors like IT and pharma are not expected to see any upgrades on account of existing lower tax rates,” it said. Also Read – Trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for work on cells, oxygen A new provision has been inserted in the Income-Tax Act with effect from FY20 which allows any domestic company the option to pay income tax at 22 per cent subject to the condition that they will not avail any exemption/incentive. The effective tax rate for these companies shall be 25.17 per cent inclusive of surcharge and cess. Also, such companies shall not be required to pay Minimum Alternate Tax. In order to provide a boost to ‘Make-in-India’ initiative of the government, a new provision allows any new domestic company incorporated on or after October 1, 2019 to make fresh investment in manufacturing, an option to pay income tax at 15 per cent. This benefit is available to companies that do not avail any exemption/incentive and commences their production on or before March 31, 2023. The effective tax rate for these companies shall be 17.01 per cent inclusive of surcharge and cess. Giving a sectoral analysis of the impact of tax cut, ICICI Direct Research said domestic auto equipment makers will tend to benefit from the tax cut. “Commercial vehicle manufacturers will tend to gain from the kick starting of the private capex cycle.” “Overall, banks in our coverage are expected to report 11-13 per cent increase in PAT, leading to 1-3 per cent increase in adjusted book value (ABV). Large private banks remain major beneficiaries with HDFC Bank reaping larger gains,” it said. In the capital goods space, the companies have effective tax rates from 25-34 per cent. The corporate tax cut will have significant positive impact on the mid-cap companies, it said. With power utilities being mostly regulated in nature wherein any cost benefit or inflation is a pass through in the tariffs, the reduction in MAT tax rate from 21 per cent to 17 per cent will have a negligible impact in the profitability as the tax savings will be pass through in the form of lower tariffs. While cement companies, which currently have higher tax rates would benefit significantly from the reduction, only a few players would benefit in the construction sector, it said. Consumer durable companies pay effective tax of between 25 per cent and 35 per cent and the cut would benefit most of them. “FMCG companies are expected to witness 5-12 per cent increase in earnings on the back of corporate tax reduction. More importantly, the possibility of passing on this benefits and propelling the volume growth would be on the cards,” it said. “We believe FMCG companies would be passing on the benefit in terms of price reduction, which would result in increase in demand specifically in rural India.” However, with government fiscal under pressure, the possibility of further increase in GST/cess on cigarettes is high, it said. ICICI Direct Research said effective tax rate in case of most pharma companies is either below or at par with the new tax rate due to special economic zone (SEZ), tax free zone benefits, unused MAT credit besides R&D benefits. Hotels, logistics and liquor as well as metal and mining sectors would benefit from the reduction, it added.last_img read more

Analysis of the channel strategy of growing brand in blog world


an enterprise to want to develop very good to want to have the vision of farsighted vision and good comprehensive plan, and the channel strategy of growing brand is how a concept?

in this value, the most easily overlooked is the channel. The emergence of e-commerce, to open another window for the enterprise, but now the Chinese market is still a channel for the king of the market. Especially the relative growth of enterprises, the brand is not strong, contend for channel, has become the only way to take cities and seize territory, gaining a foothold.

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