WordPress or subject to licensing issues for developers


recent open source development community is under intense debate, the results will have a broad impact on software sharing and dissemination. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg believes that the Chris Pearson (WordPress Thesis Theme Framework developers) practices in violation of the WordPress general public license (GPL) protocol. The two sides dispute, and is likely to go to court, which will free software release what impact?

WordPress to its cooperation as an integral part of their own, so what is the basis for the read more

Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng do not need to borrow Zhou Hongyi brush sense of presence


cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng

sina science and technology news on August 28th morning news, the Internet Conference in on August 26th -28 held in Beijing National Convention center. Cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng session at the scene said that although he and Zhou Hongyi are 360 and scores, but this page is over, no need to use Zhou Hongyi brush presence".

Fu Sheng was 360 executives, Zhou Hongyi is one of his mentor and "noble", but the two sides against each other. "Over this page, let go; but for questioning the occupation ethics, I do not accept." Fu Sheng said. read more

Do people want to do a low key low key Seo do


just in the blog to see a peer friends commented that I am very low-key. In fact, I used to be very high-profile, remember from the start up, learn something, they hold, began to write to tell you, sometimes entirely theoretical ideas. But then write less, see some spirit the author posts, I will get him, not off the reel, a long and minute statement.

everyone is so over, a lot of people are their own knowledge. A few years ago online tutorials, is my favorite. Although many do not understand, especially foreign forums to soak up those birds look. But now the tutorial, more misleading, misleading novice very powerful. read more

The massive Yangzhou Trojan case verdicts 15 defendants jailed



into the computer, tens of thousands of illegal profits about 2000000 yuan Yangzhou large Trojan case before the verdicts, Zhu Xiaoming and other 15 defendants were Guangling Yangzhou district court to the crime of destroying computer information system for 6 months to 1 years and 6 months imprisonment.

in April 2008, Yangzhou netizen Mike in playing computer games, download a claim to improve the speed of the game program, then the computer screen out of many can not turn off the site.

when Mike turned on the computer to enter the game, the game found thousands of dollars in the account of all the equipment evaporation, then the alarm. read more

WeChat public numbers which rose pink function you have not used


as the saying goes "the house again, but also sleeping three feet of the bed; delicacy more, but also three meals a day is for the public, WeChat, WeChat official time will launch a new function, but we did not go to a lot of operators concerned about this problem, if we just order push content and operation of the public number, so we don’t need to do. Because the core of the operation is emotional exchange, the highest level of marketing is the feelings. If you just push the content, then our fans are difficult to grow up, you may spend a lot of time but did not get the appropriate harvest. So what do we know about the function of WeChat’s public number? Do you know which features are good for us to grow our fans? read more

2015 P2P death list 50 million registered capital of more than 112


hey, today you run it? This has become a popular word P2P net loan industry.

to some extent, there is some truth in this statement. In October this year, the new platform 47; in September, the new platform 55; in August, the new platform 81; in July, the new platform 109; in June, the new platform 123, May 59, April 54, March 50, February 49, January 57……

I black comb found, running and running, and registered capital of more than 50 million of the problems of the platform has more than 112, the largest number of Shanghai and Guangdong, are all of the 20, the third Beijing for the 18. By the end of October 2015, the cumulative platform reached 1078. read more

Ali busy with the layout of the new retail Jingdong did not idle quietly opened three stores


The new

standard retail Alibaba, Jingdong has already in the new retail layout.

picture source: network

February 20, 2017, the Alibaba held a new retail strategy conference in Shanghai, announced a strategic cooperation with brilliance, Shanghai as the experimental field of new retail. However, according to the interface news reporter visited found that the new retail benchmarking of Alibaba, Jingdong has already in the new retail layout.

The strategic layout of

is different from the "high high" Alibaba, Jingdong offline store low-key and secret. Interface news reporter found that in Beijing, Aegean Sea and Tongzhou Wanda, as early as the figure under the Jingdong line store. read more

Airbnb announced the acquisition of 1 billion debt financing money Unicorn also began to quanqian


and Uber and Lyft, the U.S. housing rental site Airbnb the unicorn’s business model determines that it does not need to make money through the burn money.

but money is usually easy to "find" the unicorn, and accompanied by a high valuation and a whoop and a holler. Like Airbnb, it has just received a $1 billion debt financing from a number of banks (which was initiated by Bloomberg, which has since been confirmed by Recode).

lending bank includes J.P. Morgan (JP Morgan Chase), Citigroup (Citibank), Bank of America (Bank of America) and Morgan Stanley (Morgan,). These banks are also likely to become Airbnb’s future IPO Underwriters (probably very profitable). Currently Airbnb valuation of 25 billion 500 million, and last year completed a $1 billion 500 million financing. read more

15 days to allow non mainstream website P from 200 to 3500


this article is pure belong to the rookie level do stand experience, may not be short, there is a need to look at, I hope you can exchange experience, think too much food less to take a few bricks.

200IP 2000RMB sold 15 days ago a non mainstream, 15 days after 3500IP


test station

my site is doing [non mainstream], to tell the truth, I am also very disgusted with this, because the definition of non mainstream are distorted not like hair, self timer, PP graph is called non mainstream, are a group of children playing decadent. read more

Guo Tong because fried letter was rookie downline downline express company has reached 13


original title: rookie was off the assembly line courier company reached 13

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Wang Yun) Guo Tong due to speculation letter has become a rookie off the assembly line thirteenth courier companies. Rookie network announced yesterday, National Express empty package letter speculation in some regions, violation of the cooperation agreement, from May 4th officially closed the company’s online order for a month, until the rectification and then decide whether the service recovery. read more