Regular breast self examination can help us to find the breast cancer ‘s health network


experts explained that there are three main methods of breast self-examination:

three is lying touch

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lie down, don’t put a pillow under your head. On the side of the breast to check a small pillow pad, the hand of this side of the head, with the other hand check, check methods and techniques and the same touch.

can be used in the bath, hands rub soap in order to slide on the breast check. One hand is placed in the back of the head, with the other hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the abdomen, in order to press, spiral or sliding way to check whether the breast lumps. Also, don’t forget to check the axillary lymph nodes in the same way. Finally, with the thumb and index finger gently pinch the nipple, there is no lump under the feeling of nipple, nipple nipple discharge. read more

A woman must see the history of the most complete diet breast health network female arcane


13 – the BRANDIED BRANDIED eggs, sugar, eggs, in physiological period sooner or later take a bowl of beauty (beauty food) and the effect of breast.

3, orange, grape, grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, can prevent deformation of the chest.

Effect of

2, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame and millet seeds and nuts, is effective breast food, may wish to eat.

10, to drink ginseng decoction pig has nourishing qi and breast.

7, milk chicken — a chicken stew together with milk, breast enhancement effect. read more

15 days to menstruation what are the reasons for female health network


2, gynecological diseases

generally if the menstrual delay after a week of this situation we will buy early pregnancy test paper, test to see if it is caused by pregnancy. Because once pregnant, then menstruation will not stop until the end of pregnancy. So if there are fifteen days to menstruation should be immediately to the hospital for ultrasound detection related to diagnosis, see is not caused because of pregnancy, once discovered, should be promptly be nursed back to health, pay more attention to rest. read more

Six breast health secret private photos health network


sometimes is to give the baby to lactating breast appeared some rash, these rash occurs mostly in the nipple or areola area, the prevalence between skin and healthy skin covered with a clear boundary, a little thin, scaly or crusted, skin damage to red brown, and erosion, itching obviously……

private photos 1:

breast pain can be light weight, many times with recurrent characteristics, especially in the breast before menstruation will increase; can reach multiple, nodular masses, softer, more brittle, can be seen in unilateral breast lump, also can have on both sides of the breast nipple, sometimes there will be overflow the phenomenon of liquid. read more

Women too clean breast cancer breast pain is not easy to regularly check health network


Three reasons:

the nonprofit research institute, a nonprofit research institute in the United States, has conducted an in-depth study of chemicals and women’s health. The researchers asked about 800 women with breast cancer and another group of healthy women who used a variety of cleaning products and pesticides. The results showed that the use of air fresheners in women with breast cancer risk increased by 20%, daily use of air fresheners will increase the incidence of breast cancer by up to 30%. The solid air freshener will increase the risk of breast cancer two times. read more

Health tip health network female nipple discoloration


2, some women (more than 30 years of age –45), in the absence of pregnancy, nipple and areola color gradually deepened, from pink brown to dark brown, if the breast examination can be found no changes, but change the color of the female at the tip "a" the increased estrogen, perhaps over a period of time, because of its regulation, the estrogen level returned to normal, the nipple and areola color is normal, this is still a normal physiological changes.

pathological changes:

3, due to the risk of a female ovarian benign tumor, the ovarian secretion of estrogen increases, can cause the nipple and areola color deepened, gland can appear around the many small nodules. Such patients should be treated as soon as possible in gynecology, identify the cause, timely treatment. read more