Yimei beauty announced for millions of dollars to the angel round of financing through the video com


news July 8th, dark horse member companies announced the completion of millions of Yuan Yi with angel round of financing, this round of financing by individual investors and the public to raise the. After this round of financing, will be combined with the big data development of Yimei beauty salons force advantage B terminal platform, help them achieve operational data.

Yimei beauty was founded in July 2015, 2B is a community of beauty. The beauty shop owner, Yimei beauty, beauty and love apprentice hairdresser micro whole opinion leaders of consumers and other beauty attracted by the beauty of severe user community, providing tutorials and exchange forum for them, ultimately increasing trade links. Yimei beauty through independent research and development of micro shop system to help the industry practitioners to the business of the Internet, through the way of serving small B terminal, and service at the end of the C, which is based on B2B2C model. read more

Configuration scheme of Windows Server 2003 system


Windows Server 2003 system configuration

due to the short ASP Trojan problem is serious / a lot of hosts hire friends and host administrators want me to ask WIN2003 for some security configuration measures, and now I do pull preliminary finishing. We want to help. There are inadequacies please fill up.


A, system

1, in accordance with the Windows2003 installation of the installation of the prompt, by default, 2003 did not install the IIS6.0 in the system.

2, the installation of IIS6.0
Start Menu – > – > control panel; add or remove programs – > add / remove Windows components
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The Jingdong under the frame of a double Yi Ruo the turn of fortune of the business


recently, the reporter found that online business, Jingdong on the platform of fortune edible oil and other commodities, all disappear. According to informed sources, the Jingdong in the country of fortune edible oil were off the shelf, the inventory of goods from a single, and Fulinmen within 7 days all under the frame of commodity away, otherwise Press scrap processing.

the occurrence of this incident may not be accidental. In September 1st, the Jingdong’s old rival Tmall supermarket to carry out the order price folded "activities in Beijing Shanghai, which is the platform for consumers to buy goods at half price subsidies. Shortly thereafter, Jingdong asked to withdraw the folded part of the business activities, was rejected after the upcoming spin Fulinmen products across the shelf. read more

CCTV exposure group purchase unspoken rule false discount off virtual play missing


China Network TV news: now popular network buy, that is, through the web site together into a large customer, and business bargaining, so as to get a best price. In the buy site, the price of goods are very exciting, and even hit 88% off of the price is not new. The advantage of the price to buy a lot of people are welcome, buy site also mushroomed rapidly increase. However, some people came to participate in group purchase, have attracted a lot of trouble.

buy mobile phone was used cosmetics read more

Grab the domain name trademark 1000 oak copy no legal risk happy net


November 14th, 1000 rubber group executives said, Thousand Oaks have now shown that the kaixin001.com model can be copied, and Thousand Oaks have kaixin.com domain name, "happy net" the trademark is registered, will soon be able to get, therefore, Thousand Oaks do happy net (kaixin.com) is without any legal risk the.

, according to media reports, 1000 Rubber Group Co COO Liu Jian in an interview for the first time talked with "happy net", he said, Thousand Oaks do happy net (kaixin.com) will not have any legal risk, but had acquired the domain name "spent a lot of money". read more

Jingdong to respond to employee strikes has done a comprehensive consideration and arrangements



technology news September 11th noon news, Jingdong official micro-blog Jingdong spokesman today through the micro-blog announcement, clarification of the recent micro-blog, WeChat hot Jingdong Qingpu warehouse staff of a large-scale strike ".

after the media reported that, in September 5 to 7, Shanghai Qingpu District, for failing to get the relocation compensation, the Jingdong store warehouse in Qingpu more than 160 workers went on strike for 3 days, Liantang Industrial Park door was blocked. The staff said the company CEO Liu Qiangdong said, rather than goods rot, will not pay a penny of employees". read more

Comparison shopping sites to expand e commerce blue ocean requires a number of capital injection


"since e-commerce, people’s lives have changed in every way." In the Internet industry, Alibaba is the concept of pioneer, but also the achievements of its height in electronic commerce; and smart Zhejiang people still capture and e-commerce network marketing master, superimposed e-commerce site width. It is understood that the more than 2 thousand national e-commerce platform, 60% in the Yangtze River Delta; Yangtze River Delta is well-known e-commerce sites, 60% in Zhejiang. In Zhejiang to do a comparison shopping search but only the price of a network, how easy. At the same time, people devote themselves to do thing posted price comparison net in Zhejiang Yiwu City, known as the world commodity city city poised with diligence and efforts dedicated to the comparison shopping search engine, making each Internet who dedicated for the pursuit of the dream. read more

Exposure part of the micro business department MLM Chen Yuxin interpret what is really micro busine


news May 25th, CCTV reported yesterday, the first domestic WeChat marketing case, claiming to be "Asian hypnotist" Chen under the banner of "millionaire" banner, taught in Nanjing, Shanghai and other places, the sale of the agency, the curriculum development of new members to collect money about 4600000 yuan. The verdicts, Chen guilty of the crime of organizing and leading MLM, sentenced to eight years imprisonment, fined one hundred thousand yuan, and the restitution of victims of loss. read more

Flash purchase mode was copied vip com fear facing the red sea


muffled fortune vip.com sit, in the siege of his peers from all sides.

, like Tmall, Dangdang, Jingdong, more and more companies joined flash sales operations. Insiders pointed out that the business model is the industry’s crazy copy or will cause an impact on vip.com, the industry may soon be changed from blue ocean to the red sea. And vip.com will once again face the test of survival.

the profit margin of 23% people jealous of

since 2008, the rise of the domestic flash sale mode, vip.com, pretty things Qiaoyu, such as poly still website. However, after several years of industry reshuffle, vip.com has become a sales champion in the field of domestic sale fully deserve. read more

The development trend of group buying website


buy site as a derivative of different types of e-commerce sites, will pay more and more attention to product quality and consumer user experience. In addition to the need for a large number of funds in a large number of commercial fast staking outside, who first discovered and created the needs of consumers, who may become the future of strong.

main trends: regional segmentation

Internet users in the process of searching for the purchase of information in the process of urban regionalization information more attention. Baidu statistics show that with the increasing number of buy site, local class information has become the focus of attention, in large cities, regional differentiation trend is obvious. read more